Saturday, 11 January 2014

Curious case of Devyani.

 On Dec 11 2013,the deputy general Consulate general of India with consular immunity(consular officials do not enjoy the same degree of immunity as higher ranking diplomats) arrested in New York was charged by authority in committing visa fraud and providing false statement in order to gain entry to US for the women of Indian nationality for domestic worker, her arrest have received much attention in Indian media.
Devyani was charged that she committed visa fraud ,under US state code section 1746,the complaint alleged that Devyani and Sangeta Richard verbally agreed in India to a starting salary of rupees 25000 pm. equivalent to $573 pm about 3.3$ an hour,Devyani signed a written contract with Sangeta which stipulated her hourly salary in US would be 9.75$ per hour,this contract was submitted to the US govt as a part of visa application.
The complain claims that Devyani instructed Sangeeta not to say anything to the embassy interviewer about being paid only about 3.3$ an hour but to say she would be paid 9.75$ an hour. clearly shows she had intention of underpaying her.
Media ,govt stood against US ,because this is not a crime in India,though minimum wage act 1948 is there in India,and is openly violated,but who cares because she was devyani an IRS officer,she had power to influence,her father was also an IAS officer,they have strong influence,she is also involved in Adarsh scam.
one case of violation of minimum wage that came in limelight, millions of  Sangeeta are there in India,who are underpaid workers,but who cares,millions of child labor are underpaid in India,If India were fair she would have given justice to millions of sangeta who are underpaid.every Indian who works outside India,must feel that Indian govt treat every citizen equally.
From the blog of IAN BURUMA''Devyani's case is more interesting,She was born into the dalit caste''the untouchables''.who in former time would not have gotten any where near the elite,except to sweep their floors,since Indian independence govt have dont much to improve the dalit's status,and the deputy consull general is one of the beneficiaries of this policy.she is the member of new Indian dalit elite,increasingly wealthy and proud to represent the rising power of the world''
   If the allegation that Devyani systemically underpaid her worker are true,this shows how fully she has adopted the custom of the class to which she has risen.As with their politicians,a countary people it seems ,often have the diplomats they deserve.'' this is the image we have built.
Times of India wrote''the sad truth is that India is viewed abroad as third grade banana republic" indeed its sad truth but how do we view our illiterate  poor public in our country?how do we view those Indian riot victim,who are demanding justice?how do we view those who are beggars at street?how do we view those ''aadivasi'', aren't they indian?we only hear those voices which is loud,but truth is that despite its significant achievement india has still millions of poors,whose voice are unheared..
every Indian citizen ,irrespective of caste,region,religion should be treated as first class citizen ,then we can expect others to treat us as first class.

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